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For over twenty years, Signum Firenze has produced high-quality, rigorously handmade products distinguished for their excellent materials and sophisticated design.

Over the last decade we have mainly focused on producing articles of leather and paper while maintaining a link with the techniques and materials of the past. This has been possible thanks to the talents of our master bookbinder, who applies the wisdom of the historical artisanal tradition that he gained over several years as a restorer for the National Library of Florence.

Our catalog also contains objects related to ancient scriptorium techniques; reproductions of historical maps and planispheres; and toys like puzzles, dolls and kaleidoscopes. Furthermore, our shelves prominently display objects tied to Pinocchio, the fairytale all children know and love with its irresistible world of puppets, theaters and dreams that originated from the pen of the famous (and authentically Florentine) Carlo Collodi.

Bookmaking and bookbinding:

Customize your book/notebook/agenda by selecting the type of leather and the cover, including an inscription with initials or an entire sentence.

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Read what past clients have said

Simone Mancini
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La storia di Firenze è fatta dalle persone e con questa esperienza ne conoscerete di magnifiche
Loredana Saronni
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Siamo riusciti ad ottenere un ingresso speciale nel cuore della produzione artigiana fiorentina. Esperienza top!
Filippo Franco
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Esperienza eccezionale. Non è ciò che mi aspettavo.. Sorpreso.... In meglio 🙂
Paola Trottola
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Sono venuta a Firenze insieme ai miei figli e non pensavo che questo tipo di esperienza fosse adatta a loro. Invece sì. Si sono divertiti tantissimo! 🙂 La consiglio a tutti
Sandro Rimini
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Devo dire che non mi aspettavo tutto quello che è successo. È stato bello "lavorare". Divertente e caratteristico.